“As a massage therapist myself, I am very picky about who I see for my own therapy. Erin is the best! Incredibly well educated, supportive and comforting. I always feel amazing after a session with her. You must have an Intuitive Reading with Reiki! My favorite!” - Erin G.

“Erin M. Lee, LMT, RMT is a wonderful restorative massage therapist. I collect my stress in my neck and upper back. I go to her with my body often being a wreck and she restores it. She is a true blessing in my life. To top it off the center is a peaceful space in the middle of a busy Kettering.” - M. Miller

“Erin's insights have been crucial to my healing and my own exploration of health and wholeness. She brings light and clarity to my issues and answers to questions I wasn't even consciously aware of yet. The introspection and balance I feel after working with Erin has helped me find a closer connection to who I am and what my Self is trying to tell myself!”

- S.J.

"The decision to see Erin was one of the best things I've done for myself in years. In the short time I've used her services, I have grown and healed enormously, both physically and spiritually. When I leave the session, I feel so deeply nurtured, and like I've spent the evening with an old friend. I urge anyone with interest to check her out. She's amazing."

- Brittany G.

 "I had a fabulous Intuitive Bodywork session with Erin over a week ago.  It was amazing!  She is very talented!  I literally had tingling in the back of my neck for two days afterward.  If anyone has been curious for a session, I highly recommend it."  - Shana V.

 "Thank you Erin! You are truly amazing! I travel globally for my profession and have received many massages during my travels. Your touch is by far the most healing I have experienced. You have so much love in your hands. I felt as though I floated out of the room after my massage. Thank you!"  - Theresa H.

"I have had Erin work on me numerous times over the past few months and can honestly say that she has eliminated my tension headaches I was having. She was extremely receptive to the type of massage I wanted to receive as well as the amount of pressure she was applying to the muscles themselves. One of the best things from Erin was that not only was she performing excellent massage therapy but she was also educating me on the anatomy and reason why she was working on specific muscles. She is very much recommended!"  - Patrick O'Bryan, D.C.

"Very professional and thorough massage. Helps me keep moving with my rheumatoid arthritis."  - Mick H.

"Erin is simply wonderful. I first met her when I was experiencing back pains, and now I have monthly appointments set with her to address and assist ovulation. She is more than knowledgeable in her field and does deep research into your individual health background."  - Alyssa V.

"Your practice is the only one for me!  You have an exceptional sense and “skill” which transcends logic and traditional medicine.  Thankfully, I have found you.  - Julie D

"Erin is a very skilled healer. A session with her is one of the best presents you could give to yourself or a loved one in your life." - Stacey K.